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Useful advice

Who can enter?

The Retirement Living Awards are open to any developer or owner of a retirement living development in the UK, no matter how large or small the scale of operation, as well as providers of retirement living services. 

Companies may submit entries in any number of categories. Different projects from the same business can be entered into different categories but each submission should be tailored to fit the category into which it is being entered. Practices and agencies are welcome to submit entries on behalf of their clients. Retirement living operators based outside the UK can also enter, provided they have UK developments.

If entries are duplicated by accident or in error, entries will have to be processed before a decision about their duplication can be made. Regrettably, any duplicated entry fee will be forfeited. 


Except where indicated, submissions should relate to the period November 1, 2020 – May 31, 2022.

The organisers reserve the right to retain entries for subsequent publication, both on- and offline in ways that enhance the standing of entrants, supporting partners and the Retirement Living Awards themselves. Descriptions of submissions from winners and runners-up will be published in connection with the Awards. Entrants may mark certain sensitive parts of their entry ‘not for publication’ (such as exact data, etc.), provided such restrictions are not used unreasonably.

General entry information

Entries into the Retirement Living Awards must be submitted online. Your written entry must be no more than 1500 words (12 point type, single line spacing) saved in PDF format (5MB maximum file size), uploaded from your desktop to the Retirement Living Awards website. All entries should be uploaded following the template sections shown below. The Judges will automatically vote lower any entries that exceed 1500 words. Please adhere to these basic rules of entry, together with any other specific criteria described below.

Template guide

Your written entry are the basis on which the judges will vote for and short-list your entry. The 1500 words should tell your story in your way, but at the beginning of your submission the following information must be listed:

  • URL 
  • Category entered
  • Name of development/community/village
  • Entering company

The Judges will need to access your website (please note that the website must remain live or be accessible in an archive for the judges to access until September 30, 2022).

Within your submission document you must use the following as sub-headings under which you clearly enter your information:

  • Short description of development including size, location and environment (e.g. Utopia Village, a development of 20 residences, completed 5 years ago and situated in contoured, landscaped grounds on the banks of the River Trent, etc, etc.)
  • Reasons for choice of site, choice of materials, architecture and landscaping decisions
  • Special facilities or benefits for residents that the development offers
  • New thinking related to an older well established development, including redesign and refurbishment
  • Involvement of consultants and advisors (e.g. planning, finance, infection control, creative or marketing services, etc.)
  • Feedback from residents and staff

You may not need to complete the above headings fully. If your entry is just about a marketing campaign for a development, for instance, the judges will mark your entry in context and will expect the content of your template to reflect the specific nature of your entry.

Support material

If you wish to provide additional support material please provide a URL to a supporting micro site in your 1500-word submission paper, as well as the URL to the relevant website. If you wish to submit video material, please upload it to Vimeo, for preference, and provide the link to the material. The judges will want to feel fully informed about your online activity, so please include whatever you feel is appropriate and relevant for your entry. If an entry is entered into more than one category, please indicate this clearly, and state which other categories you have entered.


Any entry that breaks national or international laws or offends public, religious, national or gender-specific sensitivities will be disqualified. If an entry is disqualified for any reason the entry fees will not be refunded.